De Hoop Shoot | Cape Town Photographer

Doing a shoot on the white sandy dunes in Cape Town – a dream come true!

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Any photo shoot rarely goes according to plan and while that brings about a lot of anxiety it also brings forth a lot of creativity.

We were honoured to do this amazing beach shoot at De Hoop – a World Heritage Nature Reserve.  The marine protected area at De Hoop is one of the largest marine protected areas in Africa.

It is also one of the best places to discover rare and endangered fynbos.

A huge thanks goes out to the wonderful and talented ladies that accompanied me to Cape Town on this shoot.  Our inspiration for this beach shoot was a natural look.

We arrived on the white dunes at De Hoop – gail force winds (also known as the Cape Doctor) were blowing and we wore jackets to fend off the cold in September.

Our beautiful model, Gabriella Nell, braved these conditions and posed for me in the lovely Elie Saab dress.  On the photos you can see her hair and dress blowing

in all directions but she never once complained.

The beautiful paper flowers that we used on this shoot were supplied by PLANK Create, an innovative new décor company, launching this year with their origami and handcrafted paper décor.

They will expand into a range of handmade and upcycled event décor early 2016.

Up for any creative challenge, PLANK Create can customize paper decoration to suit your individual event ideas.

For more detail contact PLANK Create



Model : Gabriella Nell

Stylist : Christa van Rooyen

Paper flowers by Plank Create

Shot on location at De Hoop – World Heritage Site