First Born Sweetness | Volksrust Photographer

The flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days ...

outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0002 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0003

On my way to Volksrust I was not sure whether I was going to capture any images ... it was misty, cold and it rained.
I phoned Elani and asked her if she knew a place with cosmos flowers - that is where I want to take her pictures.
We found the most amazing dirt road with flowers on both sides.  Elani was radiant in her Silverswallow dress and she
literally danced in the rain for me.  If you look closely you will see the rain drops on the flowers and in her hair.
We had about 15 minutes before it started to pour down in all force.  I am so thrilled with these images.
Elani - thanks for braving the cold and rain.  We will always remember these moments.

outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0004 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0005 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0006 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0007 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0008 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0009 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0010 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0016outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0011 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0012 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0013 outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0014outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0015outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0018outdoor-bump-shoot-volksrust-rolene-photography_0017