Milk bath Maternity Session

Becoming a mom is watching your heart walk outside your body ...

milkbath-maternity-rolene-photography_0001 milkbath-maternity-rolene-photography_0002

I fell in love with these photos the minute I took them ... such a serene and soft way to capture a mom-to-be.
I love the way the flowers drifted softly in the background as we captured this milk bath session.  Perfect light
and a beautiful subject ... the outcome - pure magic!!

milkbath-maternity-rolene-photography_0003 milkbath-maternity-rolene-photography_0004 milkbath-maternity-rolene-photography_0005 milkbath-maternity-rolene-photography_0006 milkbath-maternity-rolene-photography_0008