Pomegranate Styled Shoot | Lifestyle Photographer

 “And the pomegranates, like memories, are bittersweet as we huddle together, remembering just how good life used to be”

pomegranate-styled-shoot-rolene-photography_0002 pomegranate-styled-shoot-rolene-photography_0003 pomegranate-styled-shoot-rolene-photography_0004

This shoot was inspired by Pomegranates due to the symbolism of plentiful and fruitful, fullness and sweetness.

The gorgeous reds found both inside and outside the fruit established the colour scheme for everything.

Greek mythology says that the pomegranate, fruit of Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter was tasted in the Underworld

which resulted in the creation of the winter season.

Break apart the pomegranate’s outer layer and you’ll reveal a crimson coloured fruit hidden within a shroud of peachy flesh.

This lovely scene unfolded in an orchard of pecan nut trees. A distressed table top was the perfect contrast to the more polished pieces.

We were inspired to create an entire shoot based off a colour palette that is easily found in one of nature’s fruits.

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Stylist | Elize Lombard

Models | Yolandé & Nicolene