About Rolene

I started my career in photography back in 2000. The start of my career began with a photograph - or should I say a photograph I never had. When my children were growing up I searched for what I thought I had of my mother and father but it did not exist. In my memory it did but it was a sad discovery. From that moment on I started taking pictures. So actually photography found me.

I started following photographers like Elizabeth Messina and Jose Villa. I just loved the tones, softness, fine grain and the emotion they captured. Their work moved me and I knew this was my calling and I had to capture all the moments in people’s lives that matter - big or small and the moments in-between.

My signature style can be described as romantic. I love deep emotional imagery and details. You can often see in my work a portrait of someone’s hands and the closeness before the kiss. I tend to think that these types of photographs tug at the heart.